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Conversation Today we will start the conversation class.You are trvaelling to India How will you converse and be conversed by other
 First we will arrive at Airport(Hawai Adda)
My friend from Russia Galina is coming to India
Hindi- Roos sey meri mitra Galina aa Rahi hai
Lets go to air port-Chaliye Hawai Adda chaltey hai
At airport
On meeting Galina

I am Oksana : Mein Oksana Hoon
Iam Galina   : Main Galina Hoon
Pleased to meet you: Aaap sey mil kar Khushi  Hui
Hope you do not have any trouble during the journey: Aasha hai rastey mein aapko koi takleef nahi hui hogi
lets Go Home: Chaliya Ghar chaltey hai
At Home
Meet my brother Manoj; Merey bhai manoj sey mileye
I am Manoj : Mein Manoj Hoo
I am Galina : Mein Galina Hoo
Nice to meet you: Aap sey mil kar Khushi hui
What u do:Aap kya kartey hai
I am an Engineer: Mein Ek Engineer hoon
Meeting the sister
This is my sister Olga: Yeh meri Bahen Loga Hai
Repeat same what u do  wiile meeting the brother Manoj
Meet my father: Merey Pitaji sey milye
Meet my mother: Meri Mataji sey milye
Let join for dinner: Aaapiye Khana Khatey hai(for dinner Raat ka khana for Luch Dophar ka Khana)
Tommorow we will go for sightseeing: Kal hum Ghoomney Chalenge
Where: Kahan
Market: bazar
Fort: Kila
Park: Park
 In Today's converstaion we used coomonly used words you may find other words also however we should use words commonly used in day to day language
Some similar words for Todays Conversation in pure Hindi are like this
Hawai Adda- Vimanpattan
Takleef: Kasht
Khana) Bhojan
Park: Udyan
The purpose of giving similar words is that u should not confuse if somebody speak a similar words
Enough for Today
Bye_Phir Milenge

Sep 4, 2008 8:05 AM
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