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which ways can i pass the examination of CET-6 ? hello, friends, due to my failure in the exam of cet-6,  i decided to  make my afforts to controll it.
but so far, i have not found out any ways to overcome. therefore, i send this message to the English term.
i hope anyone can help me improve. for me  , i am not good at listening, reading, so i want to strengthen in the two aspects.   
Looking forward to receiving the good news.
Thank you, guys and girls. all  friends!!!!
Sep 4, 2008 8:15 AM
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OH,thank you. when i take  out of the mp3, i always want to listen music .so i can not persist .
September 10, 2008
 i always fall asleep with MP3
listen and read more 
more practise 
and i think you will past it easily
September 9, 2008
but i think the vocabulary is hard to recite , and i can not remember them easily.
September 5, 2008

agree with tracy~ new word is a challenge~

September 4, 2008
i think the biggest difficulty of CET-6 maybe the vocabulary . hence , first of all , recite it . add doing several papers . i am sure you can pass it .
September 4, 2008
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