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mine, yours, hers... in Moroccan Arabic

Hello all!

Well, keef dayreen? labas 3likum?

Today (lyuma) we're going to talk (ghadi nhadru) about (3la) how you can say (kifash yamkin leek tquul) mine, yours, hers, his....

دْيَالِ = dyali [mine]

دْيَالكْ = dyalk [yours M]

دْيَالْكِ = dyalki [yours F]

دْيَالُ = dyalu [his]

دْيَالْهَ = dyalha [hers]

دْيَالْكُمْ = dyalkum [yours all M&F]

دْيَالْهُمْ = dyalhum [theirs M&F]

دْيَالْنَ = dyalna [ours M&F]


portable dyali ( phone is mine)

pc dyalha ( pc is hers)

ktaab dyalkum ( book is yours all)



Feb 15, 2013 1:58 PM
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Laughing I am sorry, I was confused you with someone else who has asked me about "kidayr" in Moroccan Arabic.

Alright, Actually it's an Arabic word "هَذَرَ" which means someone who talks about nothing, and we say for someone who talks a lot: رجل مهذار

So remember in Moroccan Arabic, we have no sound of "ذ" and  ظ

ق = نفس صوت القاف في العربية الفصحى

ذ = تشترك مع مخرج الدال فتنطق دالا

ظ = تشترك مع مخرج الضاد فتنطق كحرف الضاد


February 17, 2013

thanks for the "long" answer but I was asking about  "ghadi nhadru" not "keef dayreen"..^^' 

February 16, 2013

Yeap, we say for portable for the portable phone, we have a sound of "p" in Moroccan Arabic.

about keep dayreen? كيف دَايْرِينْ ؟

actually is originaly Persian word which means lively/ active/energetic...

So, it's like you say: who's you eneregy ? hehe, it sounds strange but logical to say.

keef dayr? - how are you? (M)

keef dayra? - how are you? (F)

keef dayr huwa? -how is he? (M)

keef dayra hiya? -how is she? (F)

keef dayreem? - how are you all? (M&F)

keef dyaraat? - how are you all? (F)

keef dayreen huma? - how are they? (M&F)

keef dayraat huma? -how are they? (F)




February 15, 2013

Baraka Allahu feek

well but what is "ghadi nhadru" I can't figure out what origins these words have? could you write them in arabic? 

and you say " prtable" to phone in Morocco? 

thanks :)

February 15, 2013
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