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What is the best way to end terrorism?

What is the best way to end terrorism? Education?

Feb 17, 2013 2:04 AM
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money by eliminating.


March 25, 2013

Big governments, big gamblers and big greedies in our world support and encourage to terrorism. Where terrorists find gun and how they survive? Especially African peoples. They couldn't find any food to eat but they can find easily all heavy weapons. In my opinion, everytime you could find anyting for to fight.   There are a lot of differencies in our world like religious, ethnic belongings, having underground resources, poor-rich people, having or not having oil, gas, gold etc. If someone don't scratch the problem and don't want to use this problem for their political goals, this kind of problem can solve easily. When someone scratch this problem and support one side to escalate the tensions, these problems grow and run to out of control. In my opinion, Big Gamblers who have different political or economical aims in our world  always scratch some religious, ethnic, regional problems and support to the two sides of problems, get escalated tensions and get accured some wars between them. According to me, they are enjoying and happy occuring this kind of wars and dying people in the end. Because, while people are fighting, they collect their profits. We should find big gamblers and we shouldn't drop their trap. 

March 18, 2013

I don't think ending religions can solve the problem, in fact it will only increase the terrorism.

Giving EQUAL rights to each and every country and ending the WAEPONRY  SYSTEM can somehow solve this problem.

March 18, 2013

You and everyone knows that to stop terrorism, the best way is to remove the religions. I personally believe that religions separate people. Also, not allowing countries with power do what they want with the countries below, it creates retaliation and hatred.

March 18, 2013

There are many reasons to cause the terrorism, so if it wants to be ended well, we should consider the all things.Education is just a part, i think the important part is to keep all the people equality on spirit and wealth. do you think so?

March 18, 2013
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