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Sissi 哈哈
DO you think Taiwan is part of China ? If not , why ? I want to know your ideas , thank you !

 I always think Taiwan is part of China .  I can't understand why people who live in Taiwan don't think so . I can't understand why . And I want to know more people's idea about that . Thank you !

Feb 21, 2013 4:16 AM
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Thanks for answering . And I am not  preached by anyone . There is no doubt for me that Taiwan is part of China  .

My teachers always say that Tanwan wants to be independent is the idea of those statesmen while most Taiwanese want Taiwan back with mainland .

But days ago I found some Tanwanese said Taiwan didn't belong to China , and some foreigners I meet have the same idea with them ! How can ?!



February 24, 2013

Perhaps foreigners can not understand like traditional chinese and simple chinese is connected. They would think that are two different languages on concepts.

But I think fool them it is not the best policy. I think chinese's confidence should be base on itself. Not come from foreigners' view.

February 21, 2013

Actually, most part of foreigners think Taiwanese as Thai,I also dont know why.

I think they are afraid of Marx's effect. Due to the theory of it's. Most part of people who are afraid of it can not escape from mainland. But there were pilots flew here and here were some communist swan to mainland during cold war. Like 林毅夫.

I think now they more care about the life in reality. I think political system should be base on it too. China was divided and united many times from our history. I think the system always lost contorl from inside. So study on it to learn something in it that is interested. Most of times is that chinese kill chinese. So there are bad relation in it. I think Taiwanese worry about it. So that gave a chance for ex-president. It is said that he is being crazy in jail. I think your quesions was effected by the time they preached.


February 21, 2013
Sissi 哈哈
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