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Any tips for improving English writing? I found improving WRITING very hard. I usually start my writing by the obejective "I", and stentences I wrote seems have very little connection with each other, not in the way as native people do. Could anyone advise me? Thanks.
21 feb 2013 05:47
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My teacher told me read article written by native speaker usually

24 febbraio 2013

I can sympathize, because I have the same urges when I read French, but I've found some success in putting aside the dictionary and just trying to struggle through using context for the words I don't know. It's not easy, and if there are too many unknown words it can be downright impossible, but it can make a difference; I have a decently large vocabulary as a native speaker, and I picked up a lot of the more esoteric stuff just through reading. Of course it's not exactly the same, but the biggest difference for you is that you just don't know as many words. The more you puzzle out words for yourself, the easier it becomes.


(This is not to disparage the dictionary, which is a great tool. I just know from personal experience that it can be easy to get a bit overdependent.)

24 febbraio 2013

Thank you for your advice amberthistle. I have not finished reading any English novels because of many reasons, the most important one of which is that whenever I come across NEW WORDS I would pause for a while to look them up for fear that they would remain fresh to me next time I encounter them. More often than not, I find some sentences are just too beautiful and attactive that I could not help dwell on it. To get rid of this bad habit, I am currently working on the book "How to read a book"-a best seller in last century. BTW, I like to talk with those who like to pounce on mistakes, that surely helps improving.

24 febbraio 2013

Reading books/novels/magazines/newspapers/online forums and writing and practicing, make mistakes :D All of it, and if you're like me and get 'bored' using the one word in a repetative manner... read a Thesaurus (I did that all through high school, it was kind of fun!)


Chat rooms can be fun too, and I'm one of the many that like to pounce on mistakes... if the other person is ok with me doing so, hehe. OTL

23 febbraio 2013

Thanks a lot you guys. These are all good ways. I will try practice writing as Vivien suggested and see if I could possibly find someone to talk to in the CHAT rooms. By the way, Чаусов A.И. , I think you must have misunderstood me. I am sorry for confusing you but I was not talking about handwriting in my question. Anyway, thanks for sharing with me your experience which is very interesting too.

22 febbraio 2013
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