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uncertain feelings...

There is a thing that when you first meet a certain person there's a feeling.. as if you've already know the person long before..In this case would you consider him or her truthful and trustworthy on a first meeting?

Sep 5, 2008 7:24 AM
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hard to say.
can't really judge a book by its cover....
September 23, 2008
yes i was so young tht time ..... even people who saw us speaking with each other or playing they said: they r just kids they ll 4get all !!  u know .. i wasn't in need to speak bcoz i know she can understand me without talking & feel what i am feeling even when i came back to my country ! we were just one person ! it's the most & greatest relationship i hav ever experienced, it was very special ......... but infortunatly my dearest penfriend is dead just 1 year ago !! i don't think i ll find someone like her ! 
September 10, 2008
 Well, let me tell about my personel experience .... i am 17 years old! 7 years ago i visited tunisia in summer with my family; we hav relatives there .... i met a girl in my age whom I realized she ll be my best friend from the first meeting ! u know ........ i really felt like i know her long time ago i felt she's my half ! 
maybe u r asking about relationships between male & female but i wanna say it's possible btwn friends too! 
September 10, 2008
Maybe i will believe him, but i have never met a person who can give me this kind feeling. sometimes i will make decision according to my sixth sense.
September 5, 2008
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