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Greetings My Friends!

Dear friends,


I am happy that there is a page where muslims have a platform to teach people about their religion and culture.  It is important that we understand each other to improve peaceful friendships.  I do want to say that whenever I see the zionists killing innocent people; especially, men, women, and children, it makes my heart sad.  I am not saying this to be anti-semitic, I am saying this because I stand for the truth.  I feel really ashamed that my country is denying the fact that Palestinian blood is being spilt on their own, native land.  I feel ashamed that we blow things way out of proportion.  Our news media says that we should be afraid of muslims.  That is insane, because there are some muslims who love and appreciate Americans.  To say that muslims are terrorist is an logical fallacy.  It is a fallacy because there are non-muslim terrorist all over the world (including America).  I am proud to be an American; however, I would be ashamed to have an Islamophobic attitude.  My goal is to reach out to muslims because they have faced more affliction than us Americans.  I think it is important that people use this tool to reach out to the muslim world.  I want to say that it is the conserverative (far right wing or neo-con) party of the USA that has a racist attitude towards muslims (not all Americans).  I am proud of Americans and Israelis that stand up to America and Israel not for hate and anger, but for the truth and for peace.  I want to let you all know that I am proud of the leader of this discussion board for setting up this group because muslims do deserve their right to live as human beings, just like non-muslims.  I look forward to corresponding with any of you.  


Your American friend,



PS:  If any of you are interested, I would be happy to help any of you learn the English language.  If you are also interested, you can teach me a little Arabic, Farsi, etc.  This way, we can have a relationship that is balanced.  As I said already, I look forward to working with you all.  

Feb 25, 2013 10:56 PM
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So sorry, I want to write to Microfon, I wrongly wrote his name Richard. You can read my comment to Richard as to Microfon.

March 10, 2013

i'm ready to teach u arabic , and my english is advanced , i only need to practice it with anative speaker

March 9, 2013

Richard,  I think Neil get scared you. You started to expound your before statement. I understand you. You are living in US and you don't support Islamic side a lot. Otherwise someone like Neil occurs and got feel at risk. Even UN says Israil is a Invader Government but Neil says opposite and ask When did they get there? Who was there before them? He brings us one million year back. It is funny. It needs to ask to Neil, where were him 200 years ago and what does he do in US now.


March 9, 2013



I want to thank you for opening up to me about this issue.  My wish is for justice and piece among both Muslims and Jews.  There are even Jews that are oppressed by Zionists.  Also, there is a group of Jews against Zionism known as "Naturei Karta."  There are also Jews that are against the occupation and join with Palestinians.  There are also muslims that kill other muslims by acts of terror.  I am not happy with that as well.  I am basically against all forms of terror.  Thank you for responding Neil.  

March 9, 2013

thanks for your feelings about islam and have an open mind.i agree with you,musllims are under oppression in world.yes,we pay the price of the terrorts actions.they didnt understand their religion,and they explain it in a wrong way,but islam is totally muslim .i didnt hate the other religions.i totally refuse all kind of violence.i love my name is khan movie.this movie explain alotof things in islam and muslims.we should look at quraan and islam resources to understand islam.thanks again:)

March 9, 2013
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