A Yuan Dynasty Song - Autumn Thoughts

Here's a Yuan Dynasty song written in a Miscellanous Lyrical (散曲) style.  I have included the literal translation of the Chinese characters for those who does not know Chinese.  See how you fare in putting them into coherent English.  For those who know Chinese and learning advance English, it is to your benefit that you try your hand translating.  For the astute, you have seen a lazy translation in my entries.  However, this time, it is going to be a more scholarly work than just translating its meaning.

I would know whether you had just copied from the internet or not.  I have been scouring around for good translations and comparing them to mine.  This is a good opportunity to discuss why you translated your way.

I will post mine (complete with reasoning) later to give you a go at it first.

秋          思 

Autumn Thoughts 

枯           藤    老  樹     昏          鴉。

withered vine old tree evening crow.

小      橋       流         水      人    家。

small bridge flowing water man house.

古          道    西     風      瘦        馬。

ancient  way west wind skinny horse.

夕          陽   西    下,

evening sun west down,

斷         腸          人     在  天  涯。

broken intestine man on sky edge.


Note: Broken intestines is how Chinese describe "broken hearted"!

Feb 26, 2013 10:17 PM
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