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Lantern Festival of China

The Lantern Festival is on the last day(15th) of the Spring Festival.

As the name suggests,we hang different lanterns in public places. There are beautiful and lovely patterns on them such as animals,ancient cartoons so on so forth. Parents,along with their kids,go out to see the lanterns at night.

We eat rice glue balls that day. A rice glue ball is something with round surface and fillings. The surface is made of sticky rice. The fillings can be meat,sesome,red beans,etc. Personally,I LOVE sesome ones.  :P

There is also Lantern Festival Gala Evening on TV,but fewer peole watch it(compared with the Spring Festival Gala Evening ).

There must be other customs on this day,but few people takes them. 

In a word,the Lantern Festival is a time everyone enjoys. ~

Sep 5, 2008 10:14 AM
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hi kefan..
good days for you.....:D..
lantern festival is somewhat very fun to me...
i'm truly sure its full of various colors and designs which i love most............
i noticed China have plenty of festivals especially during the four seasons...
heheh so fun......

oohhh by the way lantern festival seems like our christmas season....
we put different lanterns in our houses....
but not with animals nor cartoons like yours.....
it's just full of different colors and maybe stars......

anyway do you have christmas season in your country?

September 21, 2008
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