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Haebong Shin
#2 꽃보다 남자 - "학교 밖에서는 특별히 아는 척 해줄게"

"학교 밖에서는 특별히 아는 척 해줄게"

hak-kyo ba-kke-seo-neun






I will be willing to pretend specially to know you outside the school

Feb 28, 2013 6:27 PM
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꽃보다 남자 = Boys over flowers or flower boys :) ;P

"학교 = school

that's all.. I don't understand the rest of the sentence.. :)))


밖에서는 = aside from/ only..... I'm not really sure but I've heard this many times in kdramas :)

특별히 아는 척 = ?? :(

해줄게 = will do




March 7, 2013

I'm going to pretend as i know you just outside of the school


Speaker is a rich guy and listener is ordinary girl. He likes her but he is culmsy to open his heart

March 1, 2013

I don't understand the English sentence or the Korean sentence. What would be the purpose for pretending? Pretend what?

March 1, 2013
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