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Which flaws really bother you?

Everyone has flaws,like someone cracks their knuckles constantly,someone bites their nails all the time,someone sniffles a lot......Which of these flaws really bother you? For me,I could live without making noise while eating!!!!Sometimes this flaw really drives me CRAZY!!!!

Mar 1, 2013 2:44 PM
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I hate, hate, hate when someone chews their gum loudly.  Especially when they make whose little popping noises with the gum, which can only be achieved if you chew the gum with your mouth slightly open, which itself looks stupid.

It's much more common with teenage girls and younger women. Colloquially it's called 'snapping' or 'popping' as in "Quit snapping your gum! You're driving me crazy!", which is exactly what I used to tell my daughter when she did it. Wink

March 1, 2013

i can't stand when someone tell me lie



March 1, 2013

what really bother me making noise while eating ,i really can't eat with some one like that I think if he hear him self or what !

March 1, 2013
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