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I would like to improve my English and learn to speak it well !

If you want, i can help to speak french.Thanks


On msn messenger or skype if you want. See you soon.

2 de Mar de 2013 às 23:10
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my skype is: tatianamorales. 

I speak Spanish.

1 de Abril de 2013

hi, find a professional teacher to give you one-on-one language lessons.A professional teacher can teach you all aspects of a foreign language, including oral communication, grammar, pronunciation, writing, and more. A professional teacher can create a personalized learning plan for you..

Getting a professional teacher is the fastest way to accelerate your progress. If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you start with formal language lessons.

Professional teachers either 1) teach offline as a job, or 2) have a certificate in education. Professional teachers upload their credentials to italki for verification.


28 de Março de 2013

Me too i would like to brush up my english with a native speaker.

28 de Março de 2013

Hello I really want to speak with native french person so If u want to help me here my skype : mimi.liliane1 "n'hésitez pas à me contacter"

28 de Março de 2013

My skype is  Mademoiselle.lauwna
Really want to learn french with native speaker. :) 

28 de Março de 2013
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