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Why do you study Japanese?

Japanese language is very difficult.

There are many tipes of characters,grammer rules,pronounciations...

And There are few jobs for forriners by severe ressetions.

And Society institutions and Some Japanese people aren't tender for foriners.

I've been found foriners who lives hard in Japan.

What is a attracted point you want to study Japanese.


Mar 3, 2013 6:01 AM
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The most difficult language I think it's russian and chinese. russian because of grammar rules. It's really have the most difficult gramatic in the world. Chinese it's because of pronounciations and so much kanji that you need to know...I may answer why in my country some people want to learn. First of all - it's because a lot of japanese firms are in Moscow. They pay a god salary that's why some people decided to learn this language. second - it's translaters, for example books from japanese into russian. and of course at the end - it' fans of anime, manga, dorama, j-rock and all this stuff.

A lot of people began to learn language to understand all (music, book) by themselves because as you know translators may make mistakes and to translate not so good too.=)

March 3, 2013


March 3, 2013

Sorry about your Japanese experience . Many Japanese people is very shy to communicate with foreigners.


March 22, 2015

I'm doing it as i'm planning to visit Japan in the near future. Of course the manga and anime goes without saying, but i realised through a primary school art tutor that Japan and Shona cultures are so alike,even the way we pronounce words is similar. I find it so fascinating, so by learning the language before going there, im sure I'll enjoy my tour and have a much better appreciation of the country by the time i leave. Then hopefully,that first visit will only be the beginning of great relations and memories....

April 23, 2013

for 漫画, culture, technology and fun ! =)

April 15, 2013
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