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What I lack on the new italki

1. I'd like  to see comments I have made  on other users entries, questions, discussions - any kind of my activities.

2. I'd like to see who of my friends are online

3. I'd like to see entries my friends have written, discussion they've started, questions they've asked - any activities of my friends.



2013年3月4日 07:54
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Totally agree! I m nervous about the new italki, because things i got  used before disappeared!!!!  Why they change it -  bring back the previous ITALKI!!!!!!


I agree with Heinz, bring back the search option Sam!!!


On "Conversations" and "Messages" options I would like to have the option to edit text color, bold, underline, etc like here I do.

And also add spaces between parragraphs.


Why did you hide the text bar?


Regards and thanks.


@ lhor: Thank you for the question. One of the embarrassing things that happen to me here is when I post a comment or a question. It isn't as fast as it used to be in the past and then I sometimes find that I posted three or more identical questions or comments instead of one! Does this sometimes happen to you or am I the only one? Same with accepting follower requests: I keep clicking "follow" but even though the friend's name is on my list, there is still a green message telling me that I have pending requests. I hope these bugs will be fixed soon.



I would like to have a "Search" option to find a teacher, user name, response, notebook entry, discussion - everything within italki.


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