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British dinner

I have a project of British dinner. I really need your help. Can someone British talk about your dinner dishes? A video clip show how you lay the dinner table is great for me. Thank you very much.

4 de mar de 2013 9:19
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Thank you guys very much!

6 de Marzo de 2013

If you're not meaning for such formal occasions then I can tell you a little about how my family do dinner now. My family don't sit at the table together anymore and don't always eat at the same time. Though years ago we used to eat together when we visited other family. I don't really know of many families that keep that small tradition up anymore.


A traditional British dinner would usually consist of meat and two veg (potatoes, brussle sprouts, pea, carrots wtc) and gravy (which traditionally is made from the juices of the roasted meat). (My personal favourite is roast lamb with veg and mint sauce.)

Some families still stick to tradition and have a roast dinner on a Sunday. Most families now though have something else to eat.


I found this site that talks about some of England's dishes, I haven't eaten them all but some are nice: and it'll cover the rest of the UK too

4 de Marzo de 2013

If you are talking about a formal dinner, which is eaten at a dining table, then these two videos might help you:

4 de Marzo de 2013
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