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HELP/How can I translate this into Arabic??? I didn't get the meaning of some words here.

 I didn't get the meaning of what is underlined.

It was completely dark when the church bells rang crazily, leavinging the village to a tragedy. In alarm, we looked up from our soup. The older folks left immediately, and i left scrambled; shall i finish my soup, think of who's doing the dishes, worry about my younger brother's and sister's fear and excitement? I had a searing need to get out of the heading. Suddenly, a kid tore into our house saying that Paul had fallen through the ice, and people were going out to the river mouth with long poles to try and snag his body. That did it, I grabbed whatever shoes and jackets and went into that black night, passing the porch light of the church and dark figures all heading to the south end of town. Some carried long poles other lanterns, and some like me-just a flurry of trauma. I saw Mr. Q's unmistakable overcoat spreading like some huge bird's as he ruched into darkness, past Mrs. Agibinik's and on to the river mouth

Mar 5, 2013 7:17 PM
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"we looked up from our soup": means that we looked up from what they were eating

"scrambled" perhaps it would have been more correct to say "I was left scrambled confused.

Also as an aside, the use of the possesive is perhaps incorrect in the sentence "my brother's and sister's..."  it should read "my brothers and sister's...".

Sorry got to get 2 bed.  To be continued.

March 8, 2013
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