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Questions for people who live in the U.K. Help me, please!

Hi to everyone! Hope you are having a great time:)


I'm planning to visit London, so I prepare program of visiting. 


1. Where do people buy e-tickets to the theatre? 

I'd like to visit the "Great Expectation" performance, but on the website of this performance I can buy only real tickets with delivery.


2. What boat company do you like and do you use often?

Of course, it will be great to have a cruise on the Thames, but there are so many companies!


3. What restaurants do you prefer in the center of London?

I'm looking for restaurants with low prices and good quality. 


Thank you! I appreciate your help!

7 мар. 2013 г., 7:44
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Hi, I don't know how long will you stay in London. But if you will stay less than one week, don't spent your money and time for to eat and drink. Because you can find a lot of same eating and drinking places where ever you live. There is no special foods and drinks in London. There are lots of takeaways, burger bars, pizza restaurants, fish and cips corners and special restaurants like Chinese, Italian, Turkish etc. According to me, One tourist must visit museums, historic places, parliament square, different ministry buildings, parks, special street bazaar like Camden Town Bazaar in the London. You can not finis to visit only museums in a week. If is it possible, I advise you  to go to 4. and 5. districts, subarbs. They are different places from central London. In the night you can go different theatre and special cinemas. There are a lot of places worth to see in London. I think you can not finish the places where you want to see, if you even stay one year in London. Good Luck.

7 марта 2013 г.

7 марта 2013 г.

In the centre of London, 'low prices' is not something you would normally say about restaurants. However, you can find good food at resonable prices if you are prepared to try something less conventional. There are a lot of pubs in central London where you can eat very well. (You don't have to buy alcohol in a pub id you don't want to).

My favourite pie pub is the Newman Arms - you can eat well for about £20 per person.

The city is filled with places to eat. Apart from the usual takeaways, burger bars and pizza restaurants, there are fish and chip shops, restaurants with food from almost everywhere in the world (especially Indian and Chinese). Alternatively, you might choose to eat for other reasons - maybe you want to be seen - maybe you want to enjoy the river views - maybe you want to eat on a historical place -- you willl have no trouble finding places to eat!

In the centre of the city, prices will always be higher - the target markets are generally office workers and tourists. Generally the further away from the centre you go the more reasonable the prices are. Restaurants usually have their menus and prices displayed in the window. If a restaurant is particularly popular,  you might have to book a table days, weeks or months in advance!

7 марта 2013 г.

Boat Trips on the River.

The Transport for London (TFL) website gives you all the information you need about this. There is a vast range to choose from, including river bus services from Putney to Greenwich. make sure you get an Oyster Card for traveling in London - you can use this for buses, trains, tube and river journeys and can be MUCH cheaper than paying cash for tickets.

7 марта 2013 г.

Great Expectations - This link allows you to book tickets online, which you can then collect from the Theatre:


7 марта 2013 г.
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