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Basic Cantonese

Hi All

I am visiting Hong Kong in May, and would like to just learn some basics - I understand the dialect in Hong Kong is Cantonese - could someone tell me some basic phrases; hello, goodbye, thank you, excuse me?

Thank you, nicole

2013年3月8日 16:22
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Hi Nicole, perhaps I can help you on Cantonese. I am a native speaker.

Every Cantonese words has its tone. If you speak the tone incorrectly, the meaning will be different.

Silimar case when emphasizing the words in English. Like the sentence "This is my car"

Emphasize different words in the sentence will give differnt meaning, so do Cantonese.

Feel free to send me a message :)


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hi Nicole, I am welcome to teach you Cantonese ,  I m a native speaker ,if you are interestEd , just send me message ,

I m a beginner user of this website....try to familiar with the function, a nice place to learn languages, I want to practise English too...:)


Javen, Nicole's going to Hong Kong. The local language there is Cantonese, not Mandarin. Don't confuse her. OK??? 


The best thing to do would be to take a lesson with a cantonese teacher and have them teach you some basic phrases.

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