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Americans and their lifestyles? 

Is there anything you have questions about? 

I think we should clear up any prejudices :]

9 мар. 2013 г., 5:13
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One thing you never state in your post is at what point in time the thing that you don’t consider a human being becomes a human being, and therefore may not be killed by its mother. Unless you correct me, I will assume that you believe that the clump of cells that you deem not to be a human being do become a human being at or before it is born after a normal nine-month gestation. So at exactly what time at or before birth does the mother’s right to kill it end? And why have you chosen that particular time? Is your answer scientific? Or political?


Mimi:   You also ask why the pro-life movement isn’t doing anything to research how to stop the female body from rejecting these zygotes. The shaky premise of that question is that a person cannot try to stop what he perceives to be a particular evil unless he simultaneously tries to stop all other evils. That is like saying, “How can you advocate for stronger laws against racial discrimination unless you are also as deeply engaged in supporting the Cancer Society?”


Lastly, you ask an important question, “Why should women not be given autonomy over their body?” I do believe in a person’s autonomy over his or her body when what he or she does with his or her body affects only himself or herself. That is why I oppose seat belt and helmet laws, and am appalled by the idea of a nanny state which is now trying to control what people eat and drink. But in the case of abortion, my answer to your question is that the matter concerns not only the woman’s body, but also the life of the unborn child. And at least for me, the life of the child trumps the woman’s autonomy.

12 марта 2013 г.

Mimi:    I read your post with great interest, and it is evident that you are sincere in your beliefs, and have thought about this issues. I am delighted to understand better that you agree that the murders of abortion doctors have not been a common occurrence, and that the radicals are a small minority. However, you also state that you understand what the radicals believe does have backing from a “large percentage” of Americans. This is contrary to what I have personally experienced actually living in America on a daily basis for many a decade. Therefore, I am curious to know what you mean by “large percentage,” – 50% of Americans, 25%, 5%, 2%, or whatever other figure you have mind. Whatever your figure is, is that based on a gut feeling, or are you aware of any reputable polls or studies which corroborate your assertion?


You ask if an acorn is an (oak) tree? We are not accustomed to calling an acorn an oak tree, but there is no genetic difference between an acorn and an oak tree. We use different words “acorn” and “oak tree” only because the genetically identical things are dissimilar in physical maturity and appearance, not because they are a different species. Your question is similar to asking, “Is a ninety-year-old man a baby girl?” Well, they aren’t the same in the ordinary sense of language which establishes different words for things based on their physical appearance. But both the old man and the baby girl are human beings. Just take the example back in time an additional nine months from 90 years old, to a baby girl, to a zygote. The zygote has a different appearance than the baby girl, just like the old man differs in appearance from the baby girl. But they’re just different physical forms of the same species.

To be continued.

12 марта 2013 г.


Well four is too many and I'm sure that's no consolation to the children of those doctors who will grow up without a father not to mention their wives and other family and friends of these law-abiding doctors.


I did say in my post "I know the radicals are a small minority but I understand what they believe in does have backing from a large percentage of Americans" so I wasn't trying to say the actual terrorism was a regular occurance. Despite only a few murders there have been bombings and numerous death threats. These doctors have to be so vigilant about their safety on a daily basis. They really are very brave to continue to help women in these circumstances. The main problem is the large number of people who support these murderers and are glad when doctors die. They say things similar to what I'm sorry to say your post seems to imply that it's good these doctors are no longer around because they murdered 'unborn children'. The killers of these doctors have large support bases. Look up their names you'll see websites dedicated to them.


So a zygote has human DNA therefore it's a human? Is an acorn a tree?

Let's talk science! Did you know that a woman’s body naturally rejects at least 18% of fertilized eggs. So if these are actual human beings why isn't the pro-life movement doing anything to research how to stop the female body from rejecting these zygotes? 


You failed in your post to mention the women behind these abortions which is not surprising. Why should women not be given autonomy over their body?



11 марта 2013 г.

@teby this is a valid observation.

Due to the civil rights movement recently in the 60s and 70s people with brown skin or ethnic minorities in the states have just recently risen to economic advantages.

Through programs lieke affirmative actions that have barred people from discriminating against ethnic minorities in universites, workplaces, and political activism, these brown skinned people like myself who you have not seen travel as widely have reached a level of education where they can too make as much money or navigate through business ventures to support a lifestyle where they can travel and live abroad. 


Before the Civil Rights acts and affirmative actions people of color were disporportionally poor and subject to violence and prejudice by what Americans including our Native American Indians. I encourage you to explore the freedom riders, the Civil Rights movement, the womens movement, and the reconcilaition in the 80s and 90s of these political implementations.

11 марта 2013 г.

@elanvantil loved that winston churchhill qoute! lol perfect for this occasion

@litebrite as a woman please caution with what rules we impose on their own bodies

@vivane Michelle obama has addressed food deserts and regardless of the initiatives people make poor food choices. Chicago urban citizens even took an inititive to build gardens on rooftops and any available space in their concrete jungles. It was beautiful documented my time magazine and some documentaries but yet even with the cheap availbility of fruits and vegetables the local populace turns to junk food and convenience meals. 

11 марта 2013 г.
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