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What do you think of royalty?

For those from countries with elected heads of state what do you think about Royalty? Do you think it's ridiculous we still have Royalty in the 21 century? Or do you think it's good to have an imparcial head of state?


Personally I hate it. British politicians talk all the time of equality and social mobility so it seem hypocritical to have a family who take position as head of state simply because they were born into it and did nothing to merit it. Sadly though I seem to be in the minority in the UK.




Mar 10, 2013 4:22 PM
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Good point. I don't think history should be forgotten as it can teach us lessons or at least it should. I guess the problem is that people get attached to old injustices and it stops people from getting along.

March 25, 2013

Heritage is indeed overrated. But still, while being attached to the past only hinders progress, concentraing on the present and future might mean we fall for the same kinds of mistakes they fell for before. At the risk of sounding cliché, he who ignores history is doomed to repeat it. That's why we feel that way. I guess disattachment from time and focusing on the actual issues works best.


As to royalty, I full-heartedly agree. Some kids in Nigeria cannot even find food, and some chick gets born through the right vaginal tract and suddenly she gets to take millions of pounds she did not earn to spend on nothing but clothes? There are hundreds of nations without monarchs, and we do not see them splitting into warring factions simply because there is no 'symbol of unity'.



March 25, 2013

@esach1234 Your assumption is wrong. The Royal Household published its public expenditure as £38 million last year however that's not including security and other services they take up. The Republic campaign worked out an estimate of £200 million per year of tax payers money.


Also why do Americans or indeed anyone need to feel a deep and cultural heritage? I think people in general need to stop being attached to the past and concentrate on the present and future.

March 24, 2013

Royalty like in the UK is merely a tradition and I question its usefulness in today's world. It should probably be abolished.

March 20, 2013

I think to a lot of people it's probably just a romantic sort of relic of the past and reminds them of the rich and long-standing history their country has, so as long as the Royalty is harmless and doesn't meddle in the democratic process to a detreimental enough degree, then I think it's ok, even if it is a little silly when you think of what little function it actually has for a country. As an American we are sort of defined not only by not having a monarchy, but specifically also by having overthrown a monarchy and fighting around the world to destroy tyrant regimes throughout the country's short history, but at the same time that history is pretty short, and in order to have that same feeling of a deep and ancient cultural heritage, sometimes we need to dig a little deeper and go back to Britain and the rest of Europe and sort of see the country as a modern day extension of that same heritage.


From an economic standpoint though, I actually have no idea where these royal families get all their money from, and wonder if it's from the family just investing wisely the large amount of savings they've had throughout the different eras since before being democratized, or if they get a share of citizen's taxes or what. The latter seems pretty ridiculous in the modern age so I'm just gonna assume it's the former.

March 20, 2013
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