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How would you define a good friend?
12 Mar 2013 06:23
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The true friend is who help you when you are at difficult. Alone to him I ask advice and opinions.

13 Mart 2013

Good friends are people who will be with you when other against you.

13 Mart 2013

Good friend is a person who wants you, like you are, always you have from your good friend best desires. You know about your friend: never he or she makes damage for you or has intention for making damage to you. You trust in your good friend, and always your heart is opened for him or her. Your friend maybe is far to you sometimes but when you need he or she has time and right words for you, your friend never issues judgement about you, he shares happiness, sadness, hopefulness and goodness. He  or she believes in you, so, like you are and accept you without waiting some from you. Good friend respect your live. Good friend takes your hand and helps you when you cann't walk alone, sometimes together try to see the future through the darkness looking for light. Good friend could be angry with you once but always finds the way for to be with you in another scene. Good friend could be somebody who share one part of your life side by side... I have many good friends because I know what I can give to them and I know whose are they. Friendship is a very clean relationship from the soul... and goods friends are one beautiful side of the life!!!!

13 Mart 2013

There is a chinese idiom a hedge between keeps friendship green. Perhaps it is not suitable in every cases nowadays. We always think how to keep friendships in some kind of forms but there are more factors out of point to point's friendships. So finally, I give up what I thought the forms of friendships.

Try to understand the others forms we keep. That is why I think of this idiom. Sometimes just smile that is enough.

12 Mart 2013

A friend in need is a friend indeed. A good friend is one whom you not only hang out with but also get help from anytime.


12 Mart 2013
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