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How to use the term" there comes a time" correctly?

I'm not so sure if I really get the meaning of this term.

I have a sentence with this term in. It is:

"There comes a time when we have to make a decision about what course of study to pursue in school."

According to the context, I figure out it might say you must make a decision no matter what you want or not at sometime, or just right now?

In this case, can I use" It is the time when we have to ..." instead?

Could anyone explain the meaning of this phrase for me and give me some other example sentences?

I will be very appreciate your kind help.

Thank you very much.

Mar 12, 2013 12:34 PM
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Thanks a million for the reviews! It is amazing to get the responds so instantly!

Thank you!

@Terry: Your illustration is very easy to understand. The example setences you gave me are wonderful as well. As you mentioned they do sound poetic and philosophical.

@ xarmanla: Thanks for your song. However, youtube is blocked in my country...

Yeah, I heard of that difference about choosing majors between America and China, or we could say between the West and the East. In my country, students have to choose the area of academic interest during the second semester in tenth grade, you will go to the social science classes or go to the science and engineering classes. Imagine how difficult it is for young students to make such a big decision, especially for the undecided ones. Unfortunatly, I was one of the latter at that time. hehe. I think maybe I can start a discussion dealing with this subject on this site, talking about the education system in different countries.

March 13, 2013

To me it's a poetic way of saying 'some unidentified time', usually having to do with a resolution or turning point, and usually applying to a group of people.  For instance, "there comes a time in every person's life where they have to take responsibility for their actions", or "There comes a time in your life where you must abandon your mind and follow your heart".  In the case of your sentence above, it means that you can't go to school forever, so at some point you have to decide the course of study.

March 12, 2013

At most universities, a student can remain "undecided" only for a year or two.  At some point in time they must make a decision and take a specific group of classes.  Here is a cute song on the topic:


March 12, 2013
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