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How can I tell the difference between "ㅔ","ㅐ"and."ㅖ","ㅒ"pronouce?
2013년 3월 12일 오후 1:19
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It's almost same, but a little different. They are distinguished by tongue's position. But when we talk, it's hard to distinguish.

2013년 3월 12일

That's really hard to distinguish between those vowels from pronounciation. 


There's 2 ways to see them differently.


1. make sounds first ㅓ then ㅣ and try to put them together quickly

    same as ㅕ + ㅣ and ㅑ + ㅣ

    also, "ㅓ+ㅣ" makes sound lil bit longer than ㅏ+ㅣ

    same as "ㅕ+ㅣ" makes sound lil bit longer than ㅑ+ㅣ


2. depends on words, we can predict which one is which.

    게 = crab               예 = yes (formal)

    개 = dog                얘 = hey (calling someone)


I am not a professional Korean teacher.

That's just my opinion.

2013년 3월 12일
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