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Spam on italki

Is anyone else getting a lot of spam? Every day I get messages like from profiles who say their first language is English which clearly it isn't:


"hello nice to meet you, i am Miss Lina by name, I was so impressed viewed your profile, you look so fresh and beautiful I feel the humility of true love have a good cooperation with you. also like to know more, I'll be very grateful if you contact me directly at **e-mail address removed** So that i will tell you more about me and I know my pictures for you to know whom i am. I hope to read from you soon, please contact me directly with this my private e-mail ***e-mail address removed***"


I'm sure if I replied I'd get junk mail. Anyone else getting similar. I report them but it's getting annoying.


Mar 12, 2013 1:41 PM
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A couple of years ago, when I was new here, I got a message that (in a way) was similar to yours.  She sent her email and I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  I responded to her by email.  She wrote back saying that her father had died in Ghana and bad people were trying to kill her, too.  She needed my credit card number.  I honestly can't remember the whole scenario, but the fact that she wanted my credit card number was a huge announcement to me she was a scammer.  I wrote something back to her that was stupid, just to see what response I'd get.  I didn't hear back from her for a while, then a month or so later I received another interesting email from her, still needing my credit card number and still with some fantastic story of her plight regarding her father's fortune that she lost because he was killed.  


I started thinking that this woman might not be a woman at all--and maybe not even one man, but a whole organization that understands (or thinks it understands) human nature.  They know we can be suckers.  We love when someone thinks we're nice and pretty or handsome and they think we will respond to their messages of love.  I imagine they must have successes and have gained many credit card numbers from this.  Why else would they continue?  If they're not getting money from this, why would they continue?  In a big way, I wish I would have saved those emails.  They were actually interesting.



April 9, 2013

I almost forgot, there is a button you can use to report these spammers. Click on their profile and there is a report button beneath their profile picture. Please use this and tell other users about this function.

March 14, 2013

Hi, my name is Sam.  I am the Community Manager at italki.


This is an issue that we know about and are working on.  Today we have banned 3 cloned profiles from this spammer and are working on a long term solution so that this person is blocked from registering.


We appreciate your patience.

March 14, 2013

I have on my email some unknown messages every day since I have my italky account. :( I suppose is the way to have this website free. :(

March 14, 2013

For sure there are people out there to scam you. I'm relatively new to italki and have not experienced any difficulties in this respect but I am trying to be vigilant and careful.

March 13, 2013
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