Conversation today Galina and her Friend are going to market
Lets go to market today: Chaliye bazar ghoomney chaltey hai
Where we will go: Hum kaha jayengey
We will go to Connaught Place: Hum Connaught Place chalengey
Call Taxi' Taxi
or U can three wheeler: Three wheeeler
to Raxi or auto Rikshaw Driver
Will you go to Connaught Place: Kya aap Connaught place chalengey
Ok But my meter is not working I will charge Rs 60: Mera meter kaam nahi kar raha hai 60 rupiya lagengey
it s too high I will pay Rs 30.: 50 Rupiya jayada hai Rs 30/denegey
I fyou wnat to go I willcharge 40 no less: agar chalna hai to Rs40 lagenegy is sey kam nahi
Ok- Ok
At shop of dresses
Will you show me Indian dress: Kya aap bhartiye kapda dikhayengey
what will you like to see Saree/suit/Lehenga: Aap kya dekhna pasand karengey Saree/suit/Lehenga
Whats the price of it: Iska kitna Daam hai
Rs 3000
Its  too much : yeh to Zayada hai
This is made of Zari wold not find at this price in enrire market- Is mein zaree ka kaam hai purey Bazar mein issey kam ka nahi milega
I will pay Rs 1500; Mein 1500 doongi
ok lets not ur or mine Rs2000- Chaliye na aapki na meri Rs 2000
I am feeling hungry would u too like to eat_ Mujhey bhook lag rahi hai kya aap ko bhi lag rahi hai
yes -Ha
lets go- Chalo
At Resturant
What is there in the menu: Menu mein kya hai
He will give u menu card or will tell u what is available
One ice cream. One pan cake one Masala Dosa: Ek ice cream ek Pan cake or Ek Masala Dosa
Masala Dosa is a Indian dish made of rice and Potato served with Chutney a paste and sambhar a watery substance it is spicy and hot so take care if u dont like such food
Lets go to Qutib Minar= Chalo Qutub Minar Chaltey hai

you repeat the same with taxi or auto driver replace connaught place with Qutub Minar
Today's word
Market: Bazaar
Visit: Ghoomney
Cloth: Kapda
Price: Daam or Keemat
Hungry: Bhook

One- Ek
Four - Char
Eight- Aath
Nine - No
Ten- Dus
Eleven- Gyarah
Twelve Barah
Tnirteen- Theraah
Fourteen- Chodha
Fifteen- Pandraha
Sixteen- Solaah
Seventeen = Satrah
Eighteen- Atharah
Nneteen- Unees
Twenty- Bees

I repeat in conversation we are using common mans language there may be more refined word  which you may come across however that will put you at unease at common places .Common man use a mix of Hindi/Urdu/English words.Hindi is enriched with words of several language
Thats all for today ask as many questions or query as you wish but practice-Practice makes a personperfect

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