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English school in London

I'm looking for a English school in London (preferably city center) to have an intensive business english cource (2-3 weeks). I'm also interested in a high quality homestay accomordation (new and not far from the school).
What you can recommend me?

Thanks in advance!

Mar 13, 2013 6:58 PM
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I understand this is not spot on what you were looking for, but if it is the English language that is your target, and not specifically the destination "London" you could look at ESL Language and their setup "Business language mini group" or "Combined one-to-one and mini group" or "Young business english course (20-30)". Here's the web link:

I did a similar stint in French when I was 30, three weeks with an immersion method. It was very useful, even to this day (some many years after) I have not a great problem reading in French or following, say, the News. When I arrived at the school I had only my five years of French I was taught in school, and could barely order a taxi to get to the school itself. I take it this ESL language school might be something along the same lines, with intensive training and "total immersion".

Oh! Who dug up this old post from way back? It appeared on the top-ten list. Anyway, this might perhaps be useful for someone else, because the original poster Dina surely must have travelled to London multiple times by now, given how old the post was.

October 14, 2016
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