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Best way to improve English?!

Folks, I know that when you live where the english is native is much more easy...

but the question is: Is possible to be fluent even if you don't live where the english is not a native idiom?


sorry my bad english...

2013年3月15日 12:03
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In your case, you can find like-minded friends to practise on a regular basis or try making an English-speaking environment if you are alone. Watching movies and TV are the best ways for me :P


If you lived in an anglophone country, the times you MUST speak would be the times when you would be under pressure.

To be able to learn in this way, relaxed, and with people who want to talk to you, and help you, is a better situation.

You need to be constant with your commitment to learn, and use resources like this. And you will arrive at your goal!

Good luck!




Thanks for you opinion Levin Jenson, I really apreciaded your help!


In my opinion this site provides a lot for you to improve your language skills, but added to that i strongly believe you must communicate with someone in real life. Dont worry about your accent and grammer  at all just be confident but pay attention to new words the other person might use in a conversation.


Moreover you can always watch hollywood movies with subtitles, Try immitating the catchy sentences pay attention to where and when they are used and then use it on your own conversations.

Good luck my friend just remember to be confident when you speak


I noticed that when I begun listen to podcast on internet my ability to understand the words and phrases was very improved, so for now i'm trying to keep contact everyday with language using useful tools such News, Musics and so on...


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