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It isn't never late to learn

Hi guys

The last month I done thirty years. Alone from this year I have began
to speak and make conversation.
During my studies I didn't believe that the knowledge of English was more important.
For this reason, i have often a lot of problems with other persons that come from different city. How often i don't pass a interview's job because my knowledg of english was poor.

So I ask you:
Have i still the time to learn and not to have fear to speak with other persons?

If i have done some mistake, you can correct it.

Mar 15, 2013 1:34 PM
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Hi guys.

I turned thirty last month. But I have only started speaking and making conversations in other languages this year.
When I was still studying, I didn't realize that learning English was important.
Now, I often have a lot of problems talking with other persons that come from different cities. I even failed many job interviews because my knowledge of English was poor.

So my question is:
Do I still have the time to learn and to overcome my fear of speaking with other persons?

If I made some mistakes, please correct them.


Yes, Gaetano. It's never too late to start learning a new language. If you need English to find better job opportunites, a good palce to start is here on itlaki. There are excellent tutors here and the fees are quite reasonable. Picking langauge partners or submitting entries for correction or questions to be answered by the awesome italki community is also a good idea. Yet, still not as efficient as having a tutor who has not only the skills but also the adequate strategies to take you to the next level in a shorter span of time. Good luck! 


March 15, 2013

It is never late to learn (It is never too late to learn)


Hi guys,

I was thirty last month. Starting this year, I began to speak and converse in English
During my studies I didn't believe that knowledge of English was important.
For this reason, I have often had a lot of problems with people from different countries.

I had in the past, failed job interviews because of my poor knowledge of English.

So I ask you:

Do I still have time to learn and not be afraid to speak with other people?

If I have made some (any) mistakes





I have tried to remain within the confines of your text. I have also not made elaborate corrections as well. Your writing can be simple and of course, straight to the point.


Back to your Question


It is never too late to learn anything. Keep practicing and speaking with other people, some will laugh, some will be impressed with your efforts while some will not even give a damn.

But little-by-little….You’ll find that you are getting there.

People who don’t make mistakes don’t usually make anything!!!





March 15, 2013
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