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火 [huǒ] 漢字討論 – discussing characters

火 [huǒ]

Shape : pictograph of a raging fire.
Forme : pictogramme d'un feu vif.

Ideas : fire, anger, urgency, energy, popularity, fire weapons.
Idées : feu, colère, urgence, énergie, popularité, armes à feu.

點火 : light on a fire. Allumer un feu.
火災 : fire (as a disaster). Incendie.
火氣 : anger, irritability. Colère, irritabilité.
火速 : urgently, at top speed. De toute urgence, le plus vite possible.
風風火火 : hurriedly ; bustling with liveliness.  En toute hâte ; plein de vie et d'énergie.
火爆 : popular, flourishing. Populaire, florissant.
開火 : open fire (with fire weapons). Ouvrir le feu (avec des armes à feu).

Mar 17, 2013 3:04 AM
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March 19, 2013


Thanks for commenting !


Yes 火爆, the meaning you are pointing out is usually present in the expression 脾氣火爆, isn't it ?


Oh ! Yes, I like pictographs, because it helps you to remember and discover original meanings, In French (or English btw) you have to be an erudite in Greek and Latin if you want to retrieve original meanings (and moreover, it's still mixed up with other influences)










March 17, 2013

火爆, also means someone is full of passion but have a quick temper, and is may  easy to lose temper ,,,

Great!! You almost got all of them,,Are U interesting in pictograph?

March 17, 2013
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