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Imagine the situation: a new bar is opened in your city. What do you expect from it?

A new bar is open. Nobody knows how it looks like. You decide to go there. 

What do you expect from it? What do you want it to be? What special services should the bar offer to be thriving? 

2013년 3월 17일 오후 11:51
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I want to enter a crazy bar. For example, a juggler barman. A monkey's dancing. A shoot figth

2013년 3월 18일

I will open a bar for band as a band station.

Waiting for a good band let them do some performance as meatloaf did

2013년 3월 18일

I expect them to serve only fruits and juices and all the walls in bar are made of salt..

I know it sounds crazy but that was just my imagination. :P

2013년 3월 18일

Happy hour all the Fridays! I would like a bar with a retro look! 

2013년 3월 18일
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