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Is there Strange celebrations around new year days,too?

I live in Iran I'm kurd not persian, We as a kurd have strange celebration 1 or 2 days befor new year which called Halava Malava!

So what' is Halava Malava I dont know whta dose that mean but te act is amizing in these 2 days children at day time go out and nock the nighbors door to get choclet and biscuts and at night time teens and young people go on the top of neighbors roof and thay tie a long thrid to a bucket and they hang it on the roof in the front of entrance door and they sing "Halava Malava kurakatan babe ba zava shetikman bo bakhana ban tava!" wich means "Halava Malava Your son be a groom put some thing under the frying pan!" and they asking for red colerd eggs!


Mar 18, 2013 7:09 PM
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about 4shanbe soori i can say yeah ,too we jump on fire and celebrate by doing this one too, but beacuse of sanctions this year's not as warm as the other privoes years and also we have haft sin as you know 

March 18, 2013

And what are you doing on this special day? Are you also celebrating chaharshanbe soori tomorrow? Then you have a lot to do...

Your description of the kids asking for sweets at every house sounds like Halloween to me, when the

kids ask "tricks or treats" and try to get sweets as well. But there is no relation with the new year.

March 18, 2013
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