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Vara Koo
Differences between living in a big city and living in a countryside. Compare and contrast!

   The many differences between living in a big city and living in a countyside have been the subject of debate for a long time. There are the majority of advantages and disadvantages of each of them such as educational environments, medical facilities and cultural opportunities. 


So what do you think of them? 

Which one do you prefer? if you prefer to one of them, why did you choose?



Mar 19, 2013 2:07 AM
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I think in general, older people are more suited for countryside life.  Cities offer more excitement and job opportunities for young people.

One of the main reasons my grandparents moved from the country to the city more than thirty years ago was to be closer to medical facilities.  They went from one of the least developed places in Taiwan (Pintung countryside) to the most developed city in Taiwan (Taipei).  My grandfather had a series of strokes close together and spent the rest of his life, over ten years, bed-ridden in the hospital surrounded by the best medical care Taiwan has to offer.  

Our family often talks about whether my grandfather would have had a stroke so soon if he hadn't moved to the city.  In Taipei, my grandparents lived in a high rise building and went to a nearby park to exercise and socialize with friends once a day in the early morning.  My grandfather was a very traditional man who cared about "saving face" a lot, so the more uptight relationship between people in the big city caused him stress.  The food and air are not as fresh as in the country.  If they had lived in the country, they would have lived in a house where the front door opens to nature and they can go out for walks throughout the day and socialize with friends.  People in the country in Taiwan are very friendly and a bit rough around the edges, so my grandfather would've been more relaxed with them.  Stress is a big factor in cardiovascular health.  So in my grandfather's case, yes, he was close to the best medical facilities when he needed it, but ironically, maybe he wouldn't have needed it if he hadn't moved to the city.

Just a little food for thought from my family experience.

October 30, 2017

The advantages of city living include the convenient access to stores, educational facilities, entertainment, and healthcare facilities.  However, the air is cleaner in the country, it is more peaceful, and in most places, the crime rate is much lower.  It is very pleasant to be outdoors in the country where we usually see an abundance of small wild animals like squirrels and rabbits, as well as an abundance of birds. I much prefer the sounds in the country to those in the city.  I love being able to walk on country roads where it would be rare for me to see more than one or two cars in a half hour.  

Many of the advantages of cities can be obtained in medium sized cities, where the traffic, noise, and crime usually are not so bad.

My own choice, which works great for me, is living in the country, within a 30 minute drive from most things in a medium sized city, including my place of work. We also have a town 15 minutes away with restaurants and shopping.  In this case, I can easily access the healthcare facilities, educational facilities, shopping and variety of restaurants in the city, while I live in the peace, quiet and safety of the country.  It does not really have to be either/or.  It is true we spend some time driving several days per week, but probably less time than those living in the huge American cities like Los Angeles or Chicago where the commute to work tends to be long.   


October 29, 2017
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October 29, 2017
"And the older I get, the more I appreciate the fine medical facilities that only a city can provide. "

Yes, that is very true in a rural village, you can hardly get the essential medical facilities to support your health if you are in high demand of medical utilities,  as a result more often than not, you will have to be forced to move to an urban area where the medical facilities are more available.. Furthermore, if you are a young worker with ambition who needs more work opportunities, I guess you will choose the metropolitan place to live otherwise to do a makeshift living in the suburb of a big city in a driving distance within 30 minutes to commute, In most conditions, you can hardly get a decent work in rural area especially you are a highly specialized knowledge worker and that is why people in general prefer to move to big city to develop whether you are an elderly or a young man. 
October 29, 2017

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March 19, 2013
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