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what do you think about Brain Training Music?

Can we use music for learning English? What do you think about it?

2013년 3월 19일 오후 4:54
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You can try to use music to learning English. But me I try this method and it doesn't work or just like I said : to have more English vocabulary. The best method it's speak a lot this language and so go to countries where speaking this language, share their daily life in a nativ family, maybe go to school, go abroad. That's my opinion. :)

2013년 3월 20일

I think it's a good way to practice the listening skills. There are some useful tools out there that where you have to complete the lyric listening the song. It can also help you to learn some new vocabulary, but it won't help you so fast on that as other methods.

2015년 3월 10일


   I am familiar  with the method for brain  and neuron development that uses a Metronome.

Metronomes keep the beat or time for musicans. Basically, it is just a "tick-tock" that you can set to so many cycles per second.    When it is set to  60 cycles per second,  it matches the standard rate for a normal and calm heartbeat.  This is said to    develop  nerve endings in the brain. So I have begun using  a  Metronome  when I practice with someone or even just when I am reading   and so forth.


  Over the span of a day, the 60 cycle tick tock  produces a very calming effect.   I have found Metronomes available on the Internet  for less than   $15.00 US.

2015년 3월 10일

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2015년 3월 10일

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