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A thought provoking current issue concerns the way people work. Some might say that working slowly and making sure that everything is correct is waste of time. It is timely to consider validity of this opinion For the following reasons I prefer to working slowly First working slowly reduce error in work.

To begin with working slow pace reduce error in every work. For example I was tend to work hasty Even taking exam therefore there were many errors
so I got poor grade compare with my efforts and I realize it is because of my custom. And after i tried to fix my habit. I faced a lot of difficulties because the habit is hard to shake off once acquired 

In addition working slowly enable us to remind more easier including study. there is a way to remember more perfectly which is remember with connect another relate things It seems like waste of time and inefficiency way but long run to see this is perfect way to reminding.

Mar 20, 2013 1:36 PM
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