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correct my essay!!!

To begin with a person can success without criticism who has strong belief about their opinion there is no relation between success and criticism for them 
for example I met a person in a class we had discussing a subject the person insisted her opinion even there was lack of informations and studies and she forced us to listen to her not only that her behavior was like look down the others My patient was worn out
at last So i challenged her opinion then she treated me as a head storing person and criticized me. I was hurter her word and i realize that criticism is not always good influence to people and that can be hurt people with word 
This example shows that there is no relationship between a person's success and criticism

In addition who has right to criticize a person? a person have right to live what they
want nobody can judge a person's choice , standard of life and value 
there must be a reason a person's behavior

20 мар. 2013 г., 13:41
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