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teach me some useful sentences in chinese

Hello everyone 你们好!


I would like to teach me some useful sentences which we use in dialy life.

Good evening/ good afternoon/

I don't understand, I don't speak chinese. I like to learn, I like to tell me...

I want to buy this... i want to learn.

what means that? can you tell me what means this sentence:

I am sorry. I don't understand chinese well.

Thank you

Good bye.

take care to yourself.

and more sentences if it doesn't mind.



21 de mar de 2013 9:49
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我想知道。。。 (I would like to know...)

这个苹果怎么卖? (how much is this apple?) I think 怎么卖 is useful because I hear it all the time in Beijing from locals. Many of the foreigners just use "...多少钱?".

你干嘛?this is like the English greeting what's up? Or what are you doing? this "干“ has a lot of uses but mainly is used like "do". 

我不知道。 I don't know

...and so many more.

24 de Marzo de 2013



22 de Marzo de 2013

Follow your order:早上好/下午好

                         我不懂 我不会说中文 我愿意学 我想告诉你

                         我想买这个 我想学

                          什么意思 你能告诉我这个句子是什么意思吗?






22 de Marzo de 2013

currently i am so busy, otherwise i can teach you the useful sentence

22 de Marzo de 2013
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