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hi i have a alittle hard suggestion i suggest that we have to work harder than we r doing so i suggest that everyone should do topic whatever is small or big.
who is ready to share. who want just say iam and write the name of your topic then i will choose one to begin
Sep 6, 2008 1:34 PM
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nice answer tej
so bob wanna what will u say
September 14, 2008
Hey Bob.Wanna.Be!!!
What i said abt myself is not something that i feel ashamed of, also i have never considered talking abt other people's reactions or feelings towards me as something that must be kept as a secret. You must know that I'm proud of myself, being innocent and childish. I don't like those who are cunning and calculating. I talked abt a kind of people that is widespread in our world; those who always laugh at simple, pure and innocent people and don't mind if they hurt them and who think they are more clever and superior than the others. I wanted to show that there's a difference betweeen being smart or intelligent and being cunning and  tricky. I'm intelligent but i have never have the intention to use intelligence in a wrong way. I admit that this kind of behaviour (others' behaviour) can hurt sometimes, but i really have a good self -esteem that enables me to achieve success in almost everything (Thanks God "Alhamdu lelleh") 
September 14, 2008
I’m 书轩(shuxuan).
I'd like to share a topic with everyone:what's your opinion about  the olympic games holding in beijing.
September 14, 2008
keep a little secret 
September 14, 2008
ok but why dont u write something about urself bob wanna be
September 12, 2008
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