Differences between living in Taiwan and mainland China

I've previously lived in China for about two years, and might possibly go to Taiwan (Shanshia) for my master's studies.


I would like to know what I should expect of Taiwan; what are the differences in contrast to living on mainland China? How different is the Taiwanese accent in comparassion to standard mandarin?To what extent to Taiwanese people speak English? What is the average monthly budget for you Westerners living in Taiwan? Is it easy to find a part-time job?


This thread is for discussing anything about life in Taiwan, and how it differs from life on the mainland.

Mar 24, 2013 8:44 PM
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我在中国大陆和台湾都生活过,我的感觉是台湾的人们比大陆的人们更有礼貌(去商店买东西都会说欢迎光临、谢谢、再见),台湾的城市比大陆的城市更整洁(街上很少有烟头、纸屑),对中国传统文化、习俗保留的更多(中国大陆经历了文革)。台湾的食物偏甜,但是种类繁多(因为历史原因,跟随蒋介石到台湾的老兵带来了大陆各地的食物做法)。我想你会喜欢台湾的。 :-)

March 31, 2013

You can access Facebook and Youtube. ;)

March 26, 2013

shanshia may be developing these days. Perhaps it changed from my impression. There are many ke jia ren(客家人). They also speak mandarin, kejia language or taiwanese language/ fujian language. Tell accent from each provinces is easy in mainland,china. But I can not tell fujian province's, I think it is due to the same with Taiwanese. But I think old building that has a style from qian dynasty. But there are young may have bad culture. You should be careful, but I think they would not do it to foreigners.

Cause like they like riding motorcycle by 50cc. But if you ride motorcycle above 250cc, or drive ferrari to pass by them. They would feel shame to challenge you. It is kind of being stupid 50cc VS 250cc.

But still should be careful them. Others I dont know..

March 25, 2013

haaa,i am the right person that you can ask coz i have worked in taiwan factory for 2 years,and there are many taiwanese in there.


taiwanese also can speak mandarin and have no accent,but they have their own dialect maybe it's Southern Fujian Dialect or whatever.i think taiwanese english level is sure better than people in mainland,you can compare to shenzhen to image your monthly budget in taiwan,and it's easy to find a part-job if you wrok hard enough and master many skills.


living in taiwan isn't much different from in mainland,they are also chinese and have chinese culture,almost the same.


hope it hlpes

March 25, 2013


April 3, 2013
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