She feels herself not beautiful...

My chinese friend feel herself not beautiful, but for me she is amazing:

she has a great personality, I like her!


She wrote me: "bu piao liang de zhen zhen";


"bu piao liang" maybe "not beautiful"...but the other part of sentence?...IoI


Pleeeaase, could you help me?


What could I write her? Something of impressive...of romantic...pleeeaase!




Mar 25, 2013 12:40 PM
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It's not sincere if you have someone else write a letter for you. Don't you understand???

March 26, 2013

Ann, you are an angel!


Even if I don't understand a think about "zai wo kan lai":


zai = in, inside

wo = I


kan lai = ?... how it looks/appears (adverb) ?



March 25, 2013


zai wo kan lai ,ni shi zui piao liang de ,wo bu xiang shi qu ni,ke yi rang wo yi zhi pei ban zai ni shen bian ma?

March 25, 2013

Thanks a lot Ann, but I should need the Pinyin translation!...hehehe!


Who can help Claudio?


Ni men de xiao Yi da li peng you,



March 25, 2013

"at my sight, in my heart, in my mind you are the most beautiful...

I don't want to lose you...can I be on your side for the whole life?"

in Chinese,It's says"在我看来,你是最漂亮的,我不想失去你,可以让我一直陪伴在你身边吗?"

March 25, 2013
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