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hello everyone, i come from hong kong hello, i come from hong kong,
i have learnt mandarin for quite a long time,
but still very very poor in speaking (like most hong kong people :P)
want to meet some frds to practise it,
or if u want to learn cantonese or english in hk style (very scary), u can also find me ^.^

Sep 7, 2008 2:55 PM
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i can speak louder than u~
i'm good at mandarin~
May 30, 2011
hey, I come from guangdong, it's so near from hongkong, tell the truth, I like hongkong cantonese very much
May 30, 2011
to rock, i enjoy listening mandarin songs, my listening is quite good, but not speaking... when i imagine speaking mandrin, i feel that i can speak quite fluently in my heart, but when comes to real, i don't know what's wrong with tongue...

to heidi, added, nice to meet u ^^
September 16, 2008
msn:  wait 4 u!~~
September 15, 2008


September 14, 2008
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