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Do you know about Chinese Mid Autumn Festival?   
Sep 8, 2008 6:31 AM
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Four days after is Chinese Mid Autumn Festival.  It is August 15th in Chinese lunar calendar. 

it is said that in that day ,the moon in the sky is the most big and round and is nearest to the earth in the whole year.
In Chinese "round" means "圆"( yuan) which has another neaning "团圆"(tuan yuan) ,it is means "reunion" in english, so chinese people will has a family reunion in that day, and will eat moomcake at that time, because the mooncake is round too, like the round noon. 

About the festival ,there is a beautiful fable about it . It is too long , i should take a long time to say. 
maybe next time to tell you .
September 9, 2008
A chinese friend told me that this festival is sort of like Christmas because it's time for them to be with thier family and have fun. 

Also from what i've heard from a chinese place here is that they have mooncake at this time of year. (yummy mooncake)

By the way am Marie a newbie at this group.
September 8, 2008
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