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What inspired you to play an instrument?
What inspired you to play an instrument?

What inspired you to play an instrument?

How did it feel picking it up for the first time?

For me it was at my grandmother house. I've been there alot before, but at the age of 14 I first noticed that there was a guitar hanging on the wall. Now I know it was a really worn down, shabby-looking thing with three strings missing, but it didnt matter at the time. As soon as the guitar was tuned I played in the kitchen, mesmerized by the sound resonating through the guitar all day. Then I knew, this is what i wanna do for the rest of my life..

Sep 9, 2008 7:40 PM
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Well... I've always loved electric guitars, I thought they were awesome but too difficult for me...
When I was like 16 years old me and my friends started the idea of making a band and I was supposed to be the drumer, so just for trying I went to drum classes for a year and I was good at it so I continued, Then we started playing as a real band, but things didn't work out so good, so my friend (the bass player) and I were alone in the band.
As we needed to make melodies for the songs I started playing my father's spanish guitar of 40 years (almost broken) since we found other guitarrist. I just learnt the basic chords playing one of my fav band's (I must say they're Mando Diao, my inspiration!) songs and I definitely fell in love with it, so I quit drums and now I'm the guitarrist of our band, it's really easy when you seriously want to do it...
Rock n' Roll for everyone!!!!!
October 6, 2008
Haha....You know; Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever
September 16, 2008
I am too one of those people who have always wanted to play any instrument and never have done. Sometimes i played some Spanish guitar that had the bad luck to fallen into my hands, but only reach the Fa note is already a torture for me :) .... I think I'm better listening music that playing.

By the way, I loved the story that made to Chris start playing guitar. That make me want to play a guitar too. Were it not for the evil note Fa ....
September 15, 2008
Its never to late, start tomorrow Just kidding, but its true. You should never consider it being too late learning an instrument. I hear people saying that alot, and its sad every time. I beleve in you, do your best!
September 15, 2008
I always want to learn play drum. when i'm in primary school, i attended drum and trumpet team, this kind of team is very popular in china, almost every school has their own team. now i'm older, so i want to lear play jazz drum, it's different frome the drum i used to play, but i still want to. hope it's not late to learn
September 13, 2008
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