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A emerging new website recently more and more office workers join one website named Happyness Web, the address is, while, originally i was courise about why so many people join this web, i logined and want to know why.  in the first two days, i did not find any funny things, after talking with some clerks, who tell me how to play in this web. i tried again and immediately was attracted by it. actually it is a fictitious world which can realize some things can not reach in real world. for example you can buy your friends and torture them and sell out, you can competed with each other for more parking space and so on. now the web is still in the stage of test. but has appealed so many persons joining in. i think the designers just catch hold of the psychology of modern human. not a long time i find many other web also has similar games . it is the amazing result  of the internet.
Sep 12, 2008 1:06 AM
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