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easiest way to learn chinese?? i have been studying chinese for almost a month and find it really hard
so i hope if any1 out ther is available, pls. hlp me 
thx u
Sep 13, 2008 5:02 AM
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make some friends from China,~~best andmost  effective method
July 15, 2010
i think we got to be love chinese language before we learn it,  otherwise we end up drop it, same as me learning french, i feel excited when i hear french...

so try to love it feel it and work on it.....

December 28, 2008
,....just a month ,u think that is engough to master a language ,especially the best language in word?
chinese is really hard to most of the foreigners ,but no pain no gain ,hurry up ,and i think you wll succeed .
If it is possible ,u need to come to china ,and make some chinese friends ,most of us are warm hearted and willing to help you .
December 23, 2008
Trust yourself, Chinese is not so difficult. 
Speak more, pratice more, and you will improve  rapidly.
I guess every language is best learned in this  way.
You can make some native Chinese and take some free courses on line.
You can have a try to visit
December 13, 2008
 I've not found an easy way, but am learning using many ways, each a little bit. The various methods I'm using include:
 - Night classes (2 hrs, once a week)
 - Podcasts (
 - Writing (practice writing characters at least once a week)
 - Flash cards (using iVocabulary on the iPhone to learn more characters)
 - Visit China (in Beijing for a week)
 - Watch lots of Chinese movies (with Mandarin, sometimes with English subtitles, sometimes with Mandarin)
 - Speak to friends in Chinese on MSN
 - Use italki to meet new people to chat in Chinese
 - Try to read a book or newspaper article in Chinese

Each part is a little bit of work, combined together makes for deeper understanding of the language. 
December 10, 2008
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