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help with a Turkish tv program called Aska Sürgün sorry I did not get to finish was I was saying is how can I get a copy of this program
Sep 14, 2008 5:55 AM
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The series seems nice, I took a look at the first scenes. Can you tell us what it is about.

but you need some Turkish to understand it.

I tried to write down the first lines of talking

- Baba? (Dad?)
- Efendim xxx* ?  (Yes xxx?)
- Gelecekler mi? (Are they coming)
- Gelecekler (they are coming)

- Elvin*? (Elvin)
- Kuşak nerede? (Where is the belt)
- Bulamadım (I did not find it)
- Ne demek bulamadın? (What do you mean, you did not find it)
- Kuşak olmadan gideceğim düğüne? (Should I go to the wedding without the belt?)

* I dont understand the word, or I am not sure

This could be a nice projekt, try to write down the words, and ask for correction, that some peoples could learn from it. But a lot of work
October 14, 2008
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