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Telford hall 2

Telford hall Episode2
           The weeks passed.Winter was approaching and the days were getting shorter.One day,Ahmed heard the other students talking about going home for Christmas.He realized that he would soon be by himself for three weeks.Suddenly he missed home: the warm evenings walking on the beach,camping in the desert, his friend.. .He wondered what his mother was cooking for the evening meal that night.He was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling when there was a knock on the door.It was Bob.

             ''Hi Ahmed.Listen''he began.''I’ve just beenon the phone to my parents and they asked my to invite you to spend Christmas with us.Would you like to come?''

             ''Dear khaled''Ahmed began.He was sitting in the lounge at Telford Hall, writting a letter to his brother,Khaled.Ahmed wanted to tell Khaled all about Christmas.Bob’s parents lived near liverpool and had taken him to lots of places in the city and the surrounding countryside.On Christmas day,Bob’s older sister, Jenny, had come with her husband,Graham,and their two children.It had been strange to hear the children call to Bob''Uncle''.

             One morning.Ahmed said to Bob,''you’re eating in my room this evening''
''Why?''asked Bob.Ahmed explained about ramadon.He explained that every muslem fasted from down to dusk during that month.''It must must be difficult'' said Bob.''It sometimes is'' said Ahmed,''but it’s our duty.And we look forward to (Eid al-fitr).''What’s that?''.Asked Bob.Another explanation followed.
''well,it’s tonight.I’ve invited Mick,jerry and Derek and a couple of others,You can come,can’t you?''said Ahmed.''Try to keep me away!''Bob exclaimed

            After afew minutes ''where do i sit?''asked Derek as he came into Ahmed’s room.''Anywhere''said Ahmed.Ahmed had pushed all the furniture to one end of his room and everybody was sitting on the floor around a brass tray(dish) which his parents had sent. It was now piled high with meal and rice.ON Ahmed’s desk there were two dishes of sweet pastry made with honey and nuts.''Who made all this?'' asked Bob.Ahmed explained that he had given the recipes and spices to the cooks in the kichen of Telford Hall and spent the afternoon helping them.He played some cassettes from home and later passed around the dishes of sweet pastry.Earlier in the day,he had phoned his family to wish them a good (Eid) and he was a little sad that he was not at home. But Ahmed felt good celebrating (Eid al-fitr)with his new friends.

          At the end of the first year,town planning students had to do six three-hour exam papers,one every morning and afternoon for three days.Ahmed had been studying hard and he decided to relax before the exams and take the weekend off. He wanted to visit Stratford-upon-Avon. Bob had agreed to go with him.

          The next saturday morning,they were walking around this famous town, which is about three hours drive from norton.They stopped in front of on of the many old houses still standing in Stratford.''Here we are'' said Bob.
'' you mean this is the actual house?''asked Ahmed,surprised. ''yes'' answered Bob ''this is the actual house where Willim Shakespeare was born on 23rd of April,1564''. Ahmed could not beleive it.He knew that Shakespeare was born in Stratford,but he had never imagined that the actual house would still be there.
''let’s go in'' suggested Bob.All the furniture in the house was from the 16th century.In the living room there were heavy wooden chairs and cupboards.Even the cooking equipment in the kichen was from that period. Upstairs they walked through the room where Shakespeare was born and saw the desk where he studied as a schoolboy.Ahmed was facinated.

        They stayed the night at the local youth hostel and spent the next morning rowing on the river Avon,which gives the town part of its name.''What’s that?'' asked Ahmed,pointing to a huge brick building by the side of the river.''The Royal Shakespeare theatre''answered Bob.''They perform Shakespeare play’s there. They do three of four different ones every year''.
''how many plays did he write?''asked Bob.''Thirt-seven''said Bob.

        Before they left Stratford, Ahmed wanted to buy some souvenirs. In the tourist shop,you could buy Shakespeare teapots,Shakespeare dolls,and even shakespeare toothbrushes.Everything had Shakespeare on it.Ahmed bought a book of photographs of the town.He also bought some copies of shakespeare plays and a special mirror.Shakespeare’s beard,eyebrows and hair were painting on the mirror so that when you looked at yourself, youu looked like Shakespeare.
''I’ll give it Khaled''said Ahmed.''I think he will like it''.



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