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Telford hall episode 3

Telford Hall Episode 3

         On the morning of the final examinations, the sun was shining brightly.
''Lovely day'' said Ahmed.''It always it when there is an examination''said Bob. He and Ahmed were walking through the college gardens on their way to the main hall,where the examinations were held. There was a crowd of students waiting outside.At 9.45 exactly,the door opened and the students poured into the hall ,where rows of desks stood waiting. On each desk, there was a name card and a piece of paper, face down:the examination paper! Ahmed found his place.

         A lecturer Ahmed had never seen was supervising the examination.
''Attention everyone''he said slowly and loudly. ''As you know,the examination lasts for three hours.When I say ''begin'' turn over your papers and start.Good luck. Begin''.

        By the time he finished the last paper on Friday afternoon, Ahmed’s arm ached from writing so much, but he did not mind.He was just happy that the exams were over.The examination results would come out the following week and Ahmed had decided to stay in Norton until then.''Are you staying in Norton or going home?''he asked Bob.''Oh I almost forgot''said Bob '' my parents phoned last night. They would like you to come home with me and stay with the family for afew days''.''I’d love to'' said Ahmed.''we will take the taxi''

       On the following Sunday morning,Ahmed,Bob and his mother went for a walk along the beach.Bob’s father stayed at home to cook lunch.''He always cooks Sunday lunch''she explained,''roast meat and vegetables_and he doesn’t like being disturbed''.Next to the beach there were high sand dunes.''They remind me of home''said Ahmed.

       when they got back to the house,they were met by a wonderful smell coming from the kichen.''Smells delicious''said Ahmed.It tasted delicious as well:perfectly cooked roast beef with four different vegetables and a special sauce.

         After lunch, everybody helped with the washing up and it was soon finished.
''Many hand make light work''said Bob’s mother. For the rest of the afternoon,they
sat and talked or read the thick Sunday newspaper.Bob’s sister and her family called in to say'' hello''.When thry had gone,Ahmed,Bob and his father played a word game, like a crossword puzzle.In the evening,they all watched an old film on television. Later, just before he fell asleep, Ahmed thought about how much he had enjoyed spending a quiet Sunday in Bob,s home. It made him miss his own family.

         Bob and Ahmed arrived back in Norton on the day the examination results came out. the list of results was on a notice board in the main college building.''Our names,Ahmed : they’re not on the list!''said Bob, worried.''You are looking in the wrong place ''said another student, ''look at the top of the list''. Bob has been looking for the two names among the B and C grades, but under grade A  were the names Robert Willson and Ahmed Hassan.
''That will make your father happy'' said Bob.''When are you going home , by the way?'' .
''The day after tomorrow'' replied Ahmed.

          '' Now ,Bob, you will take care of the taxi while Iam away, won’t you?'' said Ahmed.
''Of course'' said Bob.''Don’t worry about a thing''. they were standing on the platform of Norton central station,waiting for the london train.It was raining

          ''It was raining when I arrived'' said Ahmed. ''At least the train is warmer now'' said Bob. The train arrived.Ahmed got in, stood by the door and opened the window. ''See you in October........''he shouted through the window as the train moved out of the station. '' Have a good journey....'' shouted Bob, waving at his disappearing friend.

           Ahmed sat down and looked out at the countryside moving past.Nine months ago, It had seemed strange to him,but now he knew it so well.He started thinking about the places he had been and the friends he had made.There were so many.The train stopped.He was in Euston station.Four hours later,he was sitting in the plane looking out over London.He could see the city clearly.Then the plane went up through the clouds.Ten hours later,he would be home.

                                                                                                              Telford Hall
Dear Mr and Mrs Wilson
            Thank you very much for having me to stay for the past few days.I had a wonderful time and you really made me feel like one of the family.
            I hope one day that I will be able to repay your kindness and hospitality.
                      Thank you again
                          Best wishes

                                                            The end

Sep 14, 2008 1:57 PM
Comments · 3
He was in fact faithful not only to his friends but also to his family, traditions and religion. He represents a good example of a responsible and mature student who wanted to achieve his goals. It was raining when he arrived and it rained when he was leaving I liked the happy ending! He succeeded and went back home feeling grateful for Bob's family. i think the story teaches  us the importance of tolerance and shows us that all the people can live in peace and have friendly relations no matter what their religion, belief, ethnicity, language and nationality is.
September 16, 2008
I like it so much Although many foreign students may face problems of assimilation, I have noticed from the beginning that Ahmed integrated so easily in a new life in London; he made new friends since his arrival in London, and after one week, he began to feel at home (thanks to Derek, a helpful student, and Bob, another foreign student). He spent the christmas with Bob's family (Bob's parents were so kind and generous) and he invited his friends to dine with him in Ramadan. I liked  the character of Ahmed who is so friendly, easy-going and faithful.
September 16, 2008
no one appreciates mt works
September 15, 2008
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