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I miss you
hi..good morning

how are u ? i hope u all fine

this is frome may inbox..

it's special for u(j)



I miss you so much day and night
I can't realise why you're gone
I just think I treat you right
but now I'm again alone

The days without you are so long
these days - without your kiss and smile
and I don't know what I've done wrong
I've been thinking of this for a while

A few questions that I need to know -
why does my heart feel so bad ?
why you could ever hurt me so ?
why can't I get you out of my head ?....

Now I'm standing here alone with this weight upon
my heart wondering why you're gone remembering
our feelings from the start

In my mind I have all my memories
in a range - each moment spent with you
is unforgettable but I can't realise what
made you change for me this is just
un-get-ableI know I won't pull trough
without you by my side so baby come
to me - don't run and hideThe only thing
I want is to be with you please honey
- make my wish come trueDon't you know
that you make my days count? And I'm always
happy when you're aroundit doesn't matter
what we do as long as I'm here with YOU

Sep 14, 2008 11:29 PM
Comments · 2
gosh.. ti'm livig this thing in the poem :( exactly
September 15, 2008
excellent yousif, if u have more  such thing in ur kitty keep posting
September 15, 2008
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