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All idioms which begin with the letter " A " part 2 Agony aunt
    An agony aunt is a newspaper columnist who gives advice to people having problems, especially personal ones.
Ahead of the pack
    If you are ahead of the pack, you have made more progress than your rivals.
Ahead of time
    If something happens ahead of time, it happens early or before the set time.
Air your dirty laundry in public
    If you air your dirty laundry in public, you reveal aspects of your private life that should really remain private, by telling a secret, arguing in public, etc.
Albatross around your neck
    An albatross around, or round, your neck is a problem resulting from something you did that stops you from being successful.
Alike as two peas
    If people or things are as alike as two peas, they are identical.
Alive and kicking
    If something is active and doing well, it is alive and kicking.  (It can be used for people too.)
All along
    If you have known or suspected something all along, then you have felt this from the beginning.
All and sundry
    This idiom is a way of emphasising 'all', like saying 'each and every one'.
All bark and no bite
    When someone talks tough but really isn't, they are all bark and no bite.
All bark and no bite
    Someone who talks a lot, but does nothing to back up their words-- like a dog that barks at strangers, but won't actually bite.
All bets are off
    (USA) If all bets are off, then agreements that have been made no longer apply.
All dressed up and nowhere to go
    You're prepared for something that isn't going to happen.
All ears
    If someone says they're all ears, they are very interested in hearing about something.
All eyes on me
    If all eyes are on someone, then everyone is paying attention to them.
All fingers and thumbs
    If you're all fingers and thumbs, you are too excited or clumsy to do something properly that requires manual dexterity. 'All thumbs' is an alternative form of the idiom.
All hat, no cattle
    (USA) When someone talks big, but cannot back it up, they are all hat, no cattle.('Big hat, no cattle' is also used.)
All heart
    Someone who is all heart is very kind and generous.
All hell broke loose
    When all hell breaks loose, there is chaos, confusion and trouble.
All in a day's work
    If something is all in a day's work, it is nothing special.

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